Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Opening Hours

Opening hours this week:

Wednesday 14th            09:30 - 16:30 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)
Thursday 15th                08:30 - 16:30 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)
Friday 16th                     08:00 - 16:00 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)

Next week normal opening hours will resume:

Monday - Thursday       08:30 - 16:30 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)
Friday                            08:00 - 16:00 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)

Our hours outside of term are 09:00 - 15:30 (lunch 12:30 -13:30)

We will be closed from Thursday 29th March at 15:30 until Tuesday 3rd April at 09:00

Thank you and have a lovely Easter!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wednesday 28th February

We will be opening just after 9:30am on Wednesday 28th February

This is for 1 day only

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Opening Hours

Until further notice our opening hours will be:

08:30 - 15:30

Image result for watch

If you would like to make use of the studio / hand tools room they are open at 08:00

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Queries have started coming in, so here are our Christmas break opening hours:

Friday 15th December 16:00 - Thursday 4th January 09:00 CLOSED

Thursday 4th January - Friday 12th January 09:00 - 16:00

Monday 15th January - Wednesday 17th January 09:00 - 16:30

Thursday 18th January - Normal operating hours will resume

During the break we will be having a thorough clear out and tidy up. Anything that is not stored on racking AND clearly labelled to keep until next term (January 15th 2018) will be recycled, reused or disposed of.

Help us to keep your area clean by clearing out both your wanted and unwanted items before 4:00pm Friday 15th December.

Please place all reusable materials on the recycling racks, the storage racking is for models in progress only due to the limited space!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Welcome to the new academic year 2017/18

We'd like to give a big welcome to all new students and those returning for another academic year!

Over the coming weeks things will be picking up and the machine shop inductions dates are now up.
We have some extra machine shop inductions for the Live Projects on the 2nd & 4th of October to get you going on your new projects.

What's new at the workshop?

Over the summer we have been busy upgrading the machine shop.

Hegner Multicut Quick Scrollsaw
Mobile Bench with 2 x Hegner Multicut 1 & Extraction
We have 2 brand new Hegner Multicut Quick Scrollsaw's built into a table with integrated dust extraction.
It's a great improvement over our previous scrollsaw.
This is great for fine detail work in wood and acrylic. Has a large throat capacity and able to do angled cuts. It also has a really quick and simple mechanism for removing the blade to enable easy internal cuts.

Axminster BS11 Bandsaw

A bandsaw which is great for cutting smaller materials. Can be easily set up to do angled cuts.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stuart & Rob

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Workshop Closure Wednesday 5th July

The Workshop will be CLOSED all day on Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Staff will be undertaking training so will not be available on site

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank You!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Summer clear out

We please request that anything you want to keep that is still in the workshops be removed by 12:00pm  Monday 19th June

Anything left after this time will be treated as waste and dealt with accordingly.
by 12:00pm Monday 19th June

Help us to keep your area clean by clearing out both your wanted and unwanted items NOW!