Thursday, 15 June 2017

Summer clear out

We please request that anything you want to keep that is still in the workshops be removed by 12:00pm  Monday 19th June

Anything left after this time will be treated as waste and dealt with accordingly.
by 12:00pm Monday 19th June

Help us to keep your area clean by clearing out both your wanted and unwanted items NOW!

Workshop opening

Thanks to a successful exhibition set up, the workshop will be opening from 11am today.

The lasers will also be open and bookable as usual.

Good luck with your set up.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Exhibition week (12.06 - 16.06)

Preliminary plans are for the workshop to be closed the week leading up to the exhibition.

This is to allow staff to fabricate new structures and set up boards.If everything runs smoothly we will be able to re-open, but please do not leave anything important for this week.

I strongly advise any model making or base fabrication that you need for the exhibition is done next week!