Our CNC router is great for sculpting timber, foam and plastics from an STL (3d) or EPS (2d) file.

Please use the following as a guide when setting up your file:

Orientation : Landscape
Max file dimensions : 550mm x 250mm
Maximum depth of cut :  40mm (dependent upon cutter selected)
File depth : Ensure a clear 10mm on the base of your file to prevent damaging the machine

Materials to use in the CNC are available from the shop and include ply, mdf, foam and acrylic block. You can provide your own if it is something specialist.

Machining can take a long time depending upon the material, complexity and size of the job you are cutting. Students MUST be available to monitor the machine whilst in operation. Failure to do this means your job cannot be processed, you are then delaying others and running the risk of losing your slot.

The calendar below will give you a rough estimate of how busy the machine is and when the next available slot is. Do not try to book anything yourself, you must see a technician with your file to be added to the calendar.

Charges per hour for CNC use:
Foam / Plaster           £1.00 p/h
MDF / Softwoods      £2.00 p/h 
Ply / Hardwoods       £3.00 p/h

If you do not show up whilst booked in, this is chargeable @ £3.00 p/h.

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